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It is the intention of Clann Gormain to raise a warrior order made up from men of the name and honoured 

strangers whom have done great deeds for the Clann. 

It is expected that leadership of the Clann will be drawn from this Order. 

Warriors of the Order will be active participants in 

fighting sports, highland games heavy events, archery and if the laws of your homeland allow, will be proficient in firearms  

Membership of the order is by invitation only but currently serving military men will be receive an invitation immediately, non-military kinsmen will be invited once your ability and prowess is noticed. 

Membership will be guaranteed if you pass selection. In the Isles of Albion, Alba and Erin the selection test will be held annually and will involve successfully completing the 'fandance' which is a gruelling special forces event in the Brecon Beacons wearing the Clann Saffron Kilt and attire. 


For kinsmen outside of these Isles we will appoint a local representative to establish a similar event reflecting your home nations special forces selection test. 


The Fianna of Clann Gormain promotes masculinity, strength, stoicism, fortitude, hardship and bravery. Our code, is that of the ancient Fianna, for it sums up perfectly my thoughts on manhood and masculine kinship.

Risteard Mac Gormain

  Taoiseach (Clann Chief)

The first on and last off the field of battle


Glaine ár gcroí 

(Purity of our hearts)

Neart ár ngéag 

(Strength of our limbs)

Beart de réir ár mbriathar 

(Action to match our speech)

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