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Clann Gormain does not stand on ceremony and we make no apology for whom we are.

The colour of our clan is blue and the colour used by our peoples was saffron

The ancient Celts were a bare legged people, they wore a tunic or mantle which came down to the knee. If our historic attire had been allowed to evolve we believe that the natural evolution would have been the Kilt. The Kilt in Scotland essentially evolved from the Great Kilt which much like the Irish Mantle was a huge blanket. 

We have chosen Saffron for the colour of our kilt, our people believed that saffron was a healing herb and therefor dyeing their clobber saffron protected them. We honour our ancestors by being bare legged in saffron. 

Clann of Ireland encoarage the wearing of the Irish Mantle at clann gatherings. Because our colour is blue, our mantle is also. As is the flashes worn with socks but socks can be of any colour. 

We do not intend to go the way of the Scottish Clans, with dress tartans and patent belts and buckle plates. Clann Gormain follows the way of the warrior. Our accoutrements are utilitarian and functional. 

The belt will be a brown leather 3 inch working belt with standard buckle. The sporran will be plain brown or with simple Celtic knot work. 

Arms, as we have adopted the Highland dress as a basis for our attire therefor the wearing of a small dagger in your sock and a larger dagger on your belt will form a part of traditional attire. These items must not be bright and ceremonial but rather the opposite. We encourage medieval hand forged blades. Remember you must carry your arms only if legal in your country or state. 

Hair, we encourage you to leave your head and facial hair to nature, allow it to grow. 

The Clann encourages the wearing of its attire as often as possible. Indeed other cultures of the world wear their traditional attire daily, we why not us. The more you wear it, the more you feel comfortable in it and the more you encourage others to seek our their heritage and culture. 

Depictions of bearded, bare legged Irish Warriors in Saffron 

saffron soldier.jpg
battle clontarf.jpg
saffron king.jpg
beards saffron.jpg
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